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L&S's Wedding

The Wedding!
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It was picture perfect!

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The Big Day
On September 25th, 1999, Beaver Creek was site to what was inarguably the most beautiful event in the history of man kind, or at least close to it.  Inlaws and Outlaws, biguns and littleuns, from far and near were there for the marriage of Carol Lynn Bentley and Scott Steven Davis.

It was cool
Few places in the world are as pretty as Beaver Creek in the fall.  The landscape was swathed in orange and green, the weather was embracing, and the sun shined down with a gentle light.  Even a neighboring porcupine stopped by to offer her congradulations and best wishes to the bride and groom.

A whole weekend!
September 24, 1999, through September 26th 1999.
24th: Rehersal
25th: Wedding
26th: Diffusion

Please enjoy
 These pages are for everybody that knows Scott, Lynn, or their families.  I apologize in advance that there aren't pictures of everybody that was there posted on this site.  If you have any pictures from the party that you think are particuarly good please e-mail them to and I'll add them to the site.  Only if we all contribute our memories of the event will it truly live on forever.

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