July 22, 2006

Young Americans Trailer

First off, the Internet is great, You-Tube is interesting, and Michael Moore is indeed a "little b*tch" as the Iraqi in the third clip so nicely puts it.

Circumvent the Old Stream Media and its particpants' political agendas and get your news from the sources. Having been to Iraq twice I can say that this series of clips is a far more accurate representation of what is going on there than anything you can get from your TV or a newstand. Not exactly unbiased, but no more biased than, say, NPR. Certainly it's a viewpoint that is largely absent in the National discussion.

It is also interesting to note how the theme music underlines the alienation of today's youth from main stream media as well. I might be old by the time things change, but at least the generation behind me is moving in the right direction.

Here's the first clip; the third clip with the above mentioned Michael Moore reference, is precious.

Note, langauge and violence (and not the Hollywood kind either).

Posted by rick at 09:22 AM