May 17, 2005

The Running Elvi

For several years now I've run the Bay to Breakers, one of the biggest races in the world with ~80,000 runners, and one of the longest running in the US having ben run every year since 1928 ... dressed as Elvis, with about 30 other guys dressed as Elvis. We are often referred to as The Running Elvi.

This makes for pretty good photographs and we are routinely picked up by the papers and news crews. In particular, we have the tradition of breaking out and running with the leaders for a block or so near the beginning of the race. The leaders are finishing the 7+mi race in under 35 minutes -- do the math, they are pulling 4-something minute miles for the whole race. Many of us Elvi know each other from the triathlon circuit in the Bay Area, and we're not exactly slobs, but running a 4-something minute mile for any distance (plus you have to run faster to catch up in the first place) is tough work.

Last year we were on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle (I'm the one on the far right, runner's left), and this year we are on the front page of the San Francisco Examiner (I'm the one on the far left, runner's right). I also saw myself on the news several times Sunday night and Monday morning, and I hear from many friends that they have seen me as well.

I wonder if I should put "own my own Elvis costome" on my resume...

Posted by rick at 11:42 AM