January 16, 2009


Okay, not like it's so surprising or anything. I get passed by women, and girls, all the time. It was usually on the first big hill of an offroad triathlon when the leaders of the first women's group would start to pass me, despite the fact they started well after I did. Every day at Stanford Masters I watch as a dozen or so women pass me (and I admit that I watch some more closely than others. Ahem.). But it's still rare in those other adrenaline filled, male dominated sports, to see a woman blow you by.

That was before I met Christie Cooley and took her for a ride on my motorcycle. One ride and she was hooked. I gave her the number for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Beginner's Rider Course and she signed up. I let her take my enduro bike around on the street when she had her learner's permit. I picked up her first street bike for her before she had her full license. I've been riding since before I was 10 years old and now ... she's a LOT faster than I am. A bunch of track schools and races under her belt, I know she'll blow me away.

But the best thing she did was start this website: Passed By A Chick (www.passedbyachick.com). All the updates on Women's motorcycle racing and most excellent commentary by Christie herself. Check it out.

Posted by rick at January 16, 2009 11:05 AM