July 08, 2007

Pet Poetry 2 of 3: Ode to China White

(backstory: China was a cat that was somewhat unwelcoming of strangers but very affectionate towards her "mom". She was quite large, close to twice the weight of her sister Loli. China and Loli lived on Buckthorn Way, in a house I always thought was too cold, at the time of writing. I started working on the poem when China became ill and released it upon her death).

China White Berhow. February 28th, 1993 - December 22nd, 2006

Listen now children and hear a tale, a tale of terror and fright

There once lived a creature of near infinite mass and unbelievable might.

She dwelt under the Buckthorn Bridge , and came out to feed at night

The creature of which the legends told: The Combative, China White

Her coat was grey as dusk, her eyes yellow as fire, her fangs they glistened white

Her hiss made grown men cower and contained all of Hell's fury and spite

Her claws were sharp and quick they rent flesh, to her obvious delight

...Yet the Buckthorn Bridgetender swore she was a gentle creature, who purred and cuddled tight

The Villagers knew the Bridgetender was daft, brain frozen from the cold

For the Buckthorn land was a frozen waste, or so the stories are told

She wove tales of a cuddly kitten, who slept on chests, and on her back seductively rolled

Who greeted visitors downstairs, sniffed the outside air, and had a heart pure and bold.

The villagers who visited the Buckthorn land, saw no evidence of the Bridgetender's claims

They withheld their petting and stroking hands for fear they might be maimed

Yet she zealously defended the beast and swore she had been tamed,

And that only the bridgetender's absence in her formative years could hold any blame

Then one day, in that frozen land, after age caused the creature's breath to be snubbed

A frequent visitor offered a finger as a gesture, after removing his glove

To the amazement of all she lovingly nudged his digit, I swear to the stars above

That night it became clear the Bridgetender was right ... China , just wanted to be loved.

Posted by rick at July 8, 2007 09:30 AM