February 24, 2005

the good ol US of f'n A

I got back to the US last week, and I have to say that it is good to be home.

The food is great. The people are great. But the best part of all is that no one is trying to kill me. The slight agoraphobia that I experienced last time I left Iraq didn't appear this time, but I have to say that this whole country looks so incredibly vulnerable. I'm just amazed at how anyone can walk into a crowded room of people without even so much as passing a metal detector.

I know it's normal, and I know that this is how it should be, but somehow I don't think it will be this way for long. We're going to have to tighten our security within our borders, and I think security will a big growth industry over the next decade or two.

In any case, itís great to be back. Since I returned, Iíve been a glutton for all things missed while I was away -- now Iím full and am getting back to work. Hit me up for a slideshow and stories sometimeÖ

Posted by rick at February 24, 2005 01:09 PM