June 08, 2004

"I love it when a plan comes together"

Okay, so "the shooting gallery" (aka BIAP, Baghdad International AirPort, Road) has lived up to its namesake. They closed it the other day after an attack in which 4 civilian contractors were killed. Three more in the same party managed to "fight their way across the median" where they were able to hail a passing car and escape. The US Military, with all of its might, responded by closing the road. Which, I think, is exactly what the terrorist wanted. It partially reopened today.

What I want to know is: what happened to the A-Team? I mean, maybe I'm just a product of the TV generation but can't we get an old black van, weld steel armor all through it, and drive it down BIAP road as a decoy? Then when the bad guys roll up on it ... the back doors pop open and "B. A." (as played by Mr. T, who says things like "I pity the fool" and "you ain't putting me on no airplane") appears with big gold chains and a 50 cal machine gun. Meanwhile Murdock and Face are dropping bundled stick of dynamite out the windows, fuses lit by cigar, and blowing up all the chase cars.

Maybe there is hot air balloon, or a motorcycle with machine guns on it, or something else in there too.

See, closing the road, or moving in more troops as a deterrent, kinda works but it just pushes the problem around; the bad guys go somewhere else. We want a decoy type of operation so that we can catch/kill them. Maybe we should just have a super armored SUV, that doesn't look so armored, driving up and down the road. When they come under attack the Apache gunships, who are laying in wait just behind the horizon, pop up with hellfires and put an end to all that noise.

< /rant> I'm working on another posting about the locals who help us out, and the risks they take to do so. I'll hope to post it soon.

Posted by rick at June 8, 2004 11:43 PM