March 27, 2004

turning the corner?

So it turns out that my paper work isn't *really* with the US Government. This consulting firm has a bottleneck in Baghdad with one of their senior employees. They're trying to clear the bottleneck and hope to do so this week. After which I'd have about a week while their Project Management group gets my paper work together and then I get shipped out, via a US Military base for training first. So I'm around for at least 10 days, probably more like 12, maybe more.


On the other hand I'm getting a lot done with Connexed (startup #2), I managed to pack up my place (which I need to do for Tahoe anyway; new move in date = April 17, "at the earliest") and may have another short term consulting gig to fill the gap, so no harm done. It's just a little frustrating to find yourself an unwilling cast member in a puppet show.

Posted by rick at March 27, 2004 07:10 PM