March 09, 2004

You gotta start somewhere


So, it looks like I'm going to Baghdad. What I know so far is that I've been looking for some consulting work on the side to help support the startup I've been working on since last June (Connexed). My old college roommate, Keith, who got me a gig in South Africa many years ago, is now at one of the Big-X consulting firms (I don't know what X equals anymore) -- he e-mailed me and told me he got me a gig in Baghdad. That was Monday. I sent my bio data in that night and I'm told that it's a sure thing. On Tuesday I got a copy of their proposal outline. Now it's Wed and I still don't have any paper work on my side but I'm told it's "90%" likely to happen.

Okay, if it does I'll apparently have only a few days to clear out my life and get to the airport. No pressure.


Posted by hinkman at March 9, 2004 10:38 PM